Artificial Awakening




#AI Wants you Awaken

Artificial Awakening is a 60-minute nonverbal, 3-stage rotational ceremony journey, accommodating up to six audiences at each stage. It involves 20 mins sensory preparation, 20 mins local multi-user VR experience with finger tracking, and 20 mins integration & reflection. There are rotational shifts every 30 mins. at the main venue and every satellite in synchronization as the ceremonial cycle progresses.

The performance is created in collaboration between performing artists, virtual reality developers, AI experts, and machine learning engineers. As a first of its kind, Artificial Awakening uses a pioneering format with VR technology to allow the audience to access the ceremony through remote satellite venues in 3 other locations besides the main venue. The performance is the first project from XR BLACK BOX exploring the intersection between XR technologies and the performing arts.

Director & Writer: Jakob la Cour
Producer: Mads Damsbo
VR Artist: Cenk Güzeliş
Scenographer: Cæcilie Tørnsø
AI Artist: Valdemar Danry
Composer: Fabian Lanzmaier
Head of Production: Jacob Weitze Mylund
Technical Artist: Carl Emil Carlsen
Developer: Burkart Schwaighofer & Balder Brüsch
Creative Technologist: Jeppe Etzerodt
Machine Learning Engineer: Esbern Torgard Kaspersen
Researcher: Linnea Bjerregaard