a collective XR dinner event hosted by Parasite 👾

IMPAKT Centre for Media Culture >> March 2024 ♥︎︎︎︎󰀀︎


Be My Guest! is a collective mixed-reality dinner event hosted by AI. The installation rethinks an age-old gathering ritual: a dinner with friends, where an AI, named Parasite, becomes the host and co-creator of the spatial experience and physical objects. The collective dinner transforms the private setting of home into a public domain, mirroring our current condition of dwelling in multiple realities and investigating how we inhabit and interact within networked virtual spaces, and how we foster parasitic relationships with AI systems, redefining the fabric of communal gathering in the digital age.

What happens when species meet?

#LiveMixedReality #StreamingSpaces #DinnerWithAI #SpatialInternet #ExploratoryObjects


a project by Me AndOther Me / Cenk Güzelis & Anna Pompermaier
in collaboration with Valdemar Darny ︎
Production assistant: Ömer Gürel
Ceramic 3D printing: Jan Contala (cera.Lab) ︎
Creative technologist: Burkart Schwaighofer ︎ , Marek Šimoník
Sound artist: Dilâ Kirmizitoprak
Chef: Nicopasta ︎
Photo: Pieter Kers, Me AndOther Me
Filming: Remko Dekker, Me AndOther Me