encounters in an augmented garden   


#Site-specific MixedReality

Gardens are places of ongoingness of connection and encounters and open up to the possibility of collective practices of thinking and making. Announcing their artifice by requiring the introduction of architectural (non-natural) elements, gardens offer spaces for multispecies Worlding.

Becoming-with explores human and non-human encounters in an augmented garden contact zone. It creates a multiuser and multisensory extended reality experience in which the human body become-with a fabulative AI-generated ecology. Becoming-with-human is a place to slow down, change pace, and get entangled in the environment, natural and artificial, digital and physical, hosting novel digital becomings.

The project was exhibited and publicly accessible in May 2022 at Resilienze Festival in Bologna, Italy, at Filmmaker Expanded 2022, Milano, Italy and at Laval Virtual Recto VRso 2023, France.

a project by Me AndOther Me / Cenk Güzelis & Anna Pompermaier
Creative Technologist: Burkart Schwaighofer ︎
Music: Yaman ︎
Co-production: Kilowatt, Bologna ︎
Foto: Lorenzo Burlando (Kilowatt)